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Waste management
solutions that meet your needs


We provide specialist environmental and waste management consulting services to the meat processing industry and other primary processing industries.

Which waste management system is right for you?

We can help you select the right waste management technologies and practices for your business. We do not sell equipment. Instead, we independently provide strategies, concepts and process designs that will best meet your waste management needs.



Our services include:

  • Development of waste management strategies

  • Economic and technical assessments of waste management options

  • Process design:

    • Wastewater treatment

    • Solid waste treatment

    • Recovery of value from wastes

    • Odour control

  • Troubleshooting of waste treatment systems

  • Surveys of waste sources, quantities and characteristics

  • Advice on waste minimisation technologies and practices

  • Assistance with implementing environmental management systems

  • Development of new waste processes and methods targeted to specific needs

  • Assessment of environmental effects for Resource Consents

  • Presentation of expert evidence at consent hearings



I have over 37 years experience in waste management research and consulting, both in New Zealand and internationally. I specialise in the management of organic wastes and odour from primary production and processing industries.

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