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Technology selection

We can help you select the right waste management technologies and practices for your business. We do not sell equipment. Instead, we independently provide strategies, concepts and process designs that will best meet your waste management needs.

Odour Control

Odours are a common source of complaint. We are experts at low-cost solutions to odour problems, including:

  • Reducing odour emissions at source

  • Odour containment and extraction systems

  • Treatment by biofiltration

Research &

Sometimes a difficult problem needs a fresh approach.

We can identify and test new processes for your waste management problem areas.

Wastewater treatment

We can help you treat your wastewater efficiently and effectively.


We specialise in the design, management and troubleshooting of biological treatment systems,

  • Waste stabilisation ponds

  • Constructed wetlands

  • High-rate activated sludge systems

  • Wastewater irrigation​

Waste minimisation

Waste minimisation is good business.

We can:

  • Measure how much waste your operation produces.

  • Advise on methods to reduce waste at source.

  • Help you reduce product loss and waste disposal costs.

We won't just generate data, but give you practical advice to reduce costs.

Value recovery

Find value in your waste: recover, reuse and recycle.

We can show you how to turn waste into useful product to avoid or minimise disposal costs.
We are experts in:

  • Composting

  • Water reuse

  • Physical and chemical treatment for recovery of by-products

  • Land application of wastes

  • Rendering of animal by-products

Resource Consents

We can help you with your Resource Consents by:

  • Assessing environmental effects

  • Designing monitoring programmes

  • Monitoring consent compliance

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